Our Approach

Results driven collaboration.


We know the importance of connecting the right people & expertise to each project, driving & stewarding:

  • Needs ↔ Solutions
  • People ↔ Ideas
  • Resources ↔ Projects
  • Projects ↔ Infrastructure
  • Businesses ↔ Markets
  • Policy ↔ Goals
  • Regulation ↔ Policy


We challenge ourselves to find
unobvious solutions to challenging problems, generating:

  • Meaningful Change
  • Original Solutions
  • Discovery of Unmet Needs
  • Adaptability and lean iterative process


We are driven to break down
complex problems into accessible pieces,

  • Ground up review &
    assumption examination
  • Perspective-taking to mitigate biases
  • Informed uncertainty &
    tailored analytics
  • Context-specific regulatory &
    policy implications
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Business & Partnership Development

As the energy ecosystem becomes more complex the need for clarity grows. We believe that energy project development necessitates a multi-disciplinary and adaptive approach. We employ equal parts competence and humility to create unique partnerships that ultimately bring effective solutions to new projects and existing assets.   

At ASCENT we care about people and partnership. We can help you to find the connections that make sense for your project by providing:

Stakeholder & Public Engagement

  • Creating effective participant involvement programs
  • Collaborating with stakeholders and interested people
  • Building consensus
  • Seeking to understand differing perspectives


  • Grant application support
  • Building exceptional project teams
  • Identifying and connecting complementary resources
  • Facilitating cross-industry cross-sectoral industry collaboration

Regulatory & Policy Participation

  • Providing understanding and advising on the impacts or opportunities of the regulatory context and changing renewable energy marketplace

Knowledge Sharing

  • Advancing opportunities for energy independence for individuals, businesses, and communities through equipping and training
  • Connecting ideas and information to initiative and capability
Project Origination & Development


Project Origination & Development

While many things have been done before, every initiative or project contains unique opportunities.  Whether you are a seasoned energy project developer, creating your first renewable energy project, or optimizing an existing asset we take the time to investigate opportunities that may not be immediately obvious.

At ASCENT, we generate original solutions and prospects that are built on both creativity and concrete facts. We approach project origination, development, and execution with an eye for both success and novel outcomes.

We can assist you with developing your project in manageable pieces by providing:

Origination & Development

  • Technology assessment and combination
  • Opportunity identification and site selection
  • Pre-feasibility and feasibility assessments
  • Regulatory and Tariff Strategy
  • Constraints analysis
  • Business case development


  • Grid interconnection
  • Front-end engineering and design
  • Regulatory and permitting
  • Project economics
  • Risk assessment and mitigation


  • Procurement and management of suppliers and contractors
  • Coordination of subject matter experts for technical studies
  • Owner’s Representative for execution contracting
  • Project control and financial management
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Project Optimization & Problem Solving

We want to deal with the noise, distraction, and misleading information. We cannot eliminate uncertainty – but we can help inform your intentional decision making process by offering:

  • Integration of varied perspectives and inputs
  • Strong commitment to accuracy and transparency
  • Acknowledgment, informing of, and correcting for biases

At ASCENT we break down complicated projects and problems into practical pieces to tackle, bring appropriate analytic tools to bear, and synthesize information that informs decisions.

Project Analytics

  • Technology & Configuration Impacts
  • Production & Performance
  • Revenue & Operating Costs

Financial Analysis

  • Revenue Analysis
    • Energy, Offset & Tariff Savings, Environmental Attributes
  • Capital & Operating Costs
    • O&M, Taxes, Fees
  • Financing Structures
    • Equity & Debt, Payback, Returns & NPV
    • Community Benefits Agreements

Scenario Assessment

  • Sensitivity Case Reviews
  • Market & Competition Impacts
  • Business Case and Pro Forma
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